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The elimobile coin


The more elicoins accumulations, the greater your advantages inside elisium
Automatic and easy elicoins accumulation:
  • at each monthly renewal, according to the offer subscribed;
  • by activating the automatic recharging;
  • running and keeping fit with Run with Me.
Use elicoins to:
  • purchase exclusive elisium content, including docu-series, virtual masterclass or live experience;
  • to get free phone traffic and free recharges (available in the coming months).
Elicoins accumulation table
Easy offer renewal
70 elicoins/month
Elite offer renewal
100 elicoins/month
Elite x12 offer renewal
100 elicoins/mese
Automatic renewal on credit card
1.000 elicoins/one-off
Run with Me 1km of run *
10 elicoin/km
* Up to 1.500 elicoins per month
Examples of use elicoins
Price €
Free with
elisium content for a fee
0.99 €
99 elicoins
Free phone top-up *
10.00 €
7,200 elicoins
* Available soon

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The elimobile app
elisium is: exclusive contents, direct experiences with your idols and training courses.
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The elimobile coin
With the elicoin you can buy masterclass and experiences.
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Run with Me
Run and accumulate elicoins
Mant you fit! We will reward you with our elicoins.
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