Play, ask and live unique experiences
Don't be behind the scenes.
Meet your idols live and live the day with them that you have always dreamed. On elisium you have the opportunity to play football directly with Nicola Ventola and Stefano Sorrentino.
Learn by having fun from your idols with the Virtual Masterclass
On elimobile you can find many masterclasses and video-courses explained by the most influential and notes on the web.
Don't miss the brand new series by Maccio Capatonda
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Trained with us on elisium
Learn with our exclusive training courses and increases your knowledge and skills in the most varied areas: from photography, writing, language, music courses and many others.
Discover our wonderful MOVIES for your cinema evening.
A selection of films designed for you.

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The elimobile app
elisium is: exclusive contents, direct experiences with your idols and training courses.
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With the elicoin you can buy masterclass and experiences.
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Run with Me
Run and accumulate elicoins
Mant you fit! We will reward you with our elicoins.
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